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App is key for full electric and
open-access car sharing service

Our lifestyle is evolving, transport is too. Sunrise is a key player in innovation with its self-service electric cars. This world first will revolutionize your journeys and help lessen traffic in cities making travel easier and more fluid. There will also be an important reduction in air and noise pollution thanks to the fully electric cars.

Sunrise stations are distributed throughout World for subscribers to rent, charge and park cars.

1. Subscribe

You can subscribe online, in our App

2. Rent

Once you've received your driver license, you can go to any rental station and get your eco car.

3. Drive

黑客追款 in your eco car and turn the ignition key.

4. Share

Once your rental is over, reconnect the car to any rental station to make it available for the next user.

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Easy subscription, easy rental,
easy driving, easy parking…
Everything’s easy with our car sharing.

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Akarash Padma

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Carol Metews

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Emily Sanders

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Andrew Hart

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